©2012 owned by Made with Xara Home Stuff for Sale! Here is where to buy! Whats new! How it will look Track us down Join for perks! Have Questions? FAQ’s We are just like you, working artists trying to find great products at reasonable prices and creating a great working relationship with our supplier. Looking around we couldn’t find a stencil supplier that would offer everything we needed: lots of stock, fast shipping and the ability to get custom cut stencils for our core clients without charging us exorbitant fees for digitizing our art files We also ran into the Dreaded Mimimum- and everyone seemed to have a different ‘minimum’ number! Remembering all these minimums for all the sites was a huge  hassle so we started cutting stencils for ourselves. Then we cut for our friends and they told their friends and they told their friends, When asked where they had gotten them, they started telling everyone they got their stencils from,”you know, the stencil guy” and so was born. We decided that our Stencil company was going to have all of what we were looking for so : 1. STOCK: We have a large selection of great designs. We add new ones practically every day.   2. RESPONSE: We have fast turnaround on orders. Same day order processing and if in by 10 am it is out by 5 pm for delivery in 2-3 days. We also offer an option for next day shipping, 3. FREEDOM :We also  got rid of the Minimum order!  You want just one- you can order just one 4. LOW FEES: Shipping is always just what we pay- no ‘handling“ or processing fees. 5. VALUE :Our Stencils are the best value on the web! We can keep our prices low because we have no middle men, no distributors and no big overhead to support. We offer a huge range of designs with ample stock of the most popular designs. Because we cut our own, we’ll never be out of the design you need!  6. And lasty, we wanted to provide a way for you to get custom cut stencils without breaking the bank, so we will cut your art, any file type, for just the price of the stencils you order. YES, the mimimum order for Custom Cuts is also just one! Proofs are sent with every Custom order so you can see how it looks BEFORE you buy! No obligation to buy if you don’t like the way the art looks when in stencil form and of course this is still included in the NO FEE rule. We will also send you a Jpeg file of the stencil so you can add it to your menus! Try asking for that with other stencil companies! We will also work with you to build a menu for all our Collection and Special Events Stencil orders. Call me for more information on this custom service- also NO FEE! Have Questions?