©2012 owned by Home Stuff for Sale! Here is where to buy! Whats new! How it will look Track us down Join for perks! Have Questions? Made with Xara Wasp JPG photo as sent to us ready to become a Stencil From JPG file to stencil in a few easy steps Custom work is no problem Converting your photo into a stencil is no problem. See? Just as spooky!  Our Custom Cut Stencils Add VALUE! You know offering stencils customized for your client’s event will get you more gigs, but what will it cost? At, it’s FREE! Other companies charge $10, $15 and up to $45 for EACH file they digitize for you! That can eat into your profits. By choosing you’ll save that fee on every  custom order and that is money in your pocket from the get go. Our Custom Cut Stencils Are No Sweat! We can cut stencils from any graphic file, and even some that are not! Send me your JPG, TIFF, BMP, EMS, AI, SVG, a sketch, a drawing or even a Photograph! We can get a proof to you fast, often in less than 8 hours. Oh, and cost? We don’t charge any extra for converting your files! No Computer or digitization fees means you can spend less! And No Minimum order either. We will do your Custom work NO FEE and NO Minimum- We are the go to guys when it comes to adding value to your clients and saving money. Our Custom Cut Stencils are Fast! Since we cut our stencils right here in our California shop, we we can process your order fast! Turnarounds average one day here then two days in the mail so three days to you- Next day shipping and even Local pickup is available. If you need them the next day, please call me for more details! Remember that I am in the Pacific Standard Time Zone when  ordering rush delivery. Here is where to buy!